Duldungsanfragen und Monetarisierung der Publisher

  • Krawu

    Vielen Dank für die Antwort! :D Sonst wird ja immer gleich darauf verwiesen, beim Publisher anzufragen, deswegen hab ich an Blooper Team gar nicht gedacht.

    Die Publisher haben sich übrigens nach einer Weile gemeldet:

    "Thanks a bunch for reaching out to us and for your patience while we've worked through emails. I understand you're interested in making a Let's Play video on YouTube for Layers of Fear 2. That's great! We love it when folks share their gameplay of the games we publish and this is a-ok by us!

    If you use twitter, please feel free to tag @LayersOfFear2 with your video if you like! You can keep up with news and announcements through that twitter account as well."